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24 Qershor 2014

Royal Visit to Romania

The Albanian Royal family visit Romania for the first time in 75 years as guests of the Romanian Royal Family

Romanian Royal Family

On Monday the 23rd of June, the Royal Couple where invited to visit Romania by their Royal Highnesses Crown Princess Magarita of Romania and HRH Prince Radu of Romania.

This official visit marked the 75 friendship anniversary between the two Royal houses. King Zog was hosted in Romania in 1939, by Carol II, after Albania was invaded by the fascists during the start of World War Two, before traveling to France, before its occupation.

On their arrival they where greeted by HRH Prince Nicholas and traveled to the Sinaia region to visit the incredible Pelesh Castle. Both Prince Leka and Miss Elia Zaharia where astounded by the beauty of the Sinaia region and the magnificence of Pelesh castle.

Other activities during the visit included a courtesy visit to the National defense Academy and a paying of respects to the Curtea de Arges Cathedral, where Prince Leka and Miss Elia where able to also visit the construction site of the Romanian Royal families Mausoleum and chapel. Drawing comparisons with the recently build Royal Mausoleum in Tirana. Prince Leka's fiance, Miss Elia Zaharia visited the "Princess Magarita" foundation's activities and was able to meet with the foundations board.

The Highlight of the event was the official black tie dinner in the grand King's Hall at the Royal Elisabetha Palace in Bucharest. Crown Princess Magarita introduced Prince Leka to a number of guests which represented a wide spectrum of Romania's social and political life. Including a number of governmental ministers and media personalities.

On the last day, the Royal Couple accompanied Prince Nicholas to the flag day celebrations. A tree of friendship was planted in the Elisabetha Palace garden to honor the growth of friendship between the Albanian and Romanian Royal families.

friendship tree

official dinner